Service Designer

Hyphen8 was formed in 2012. We specialise in grant-making solutions but have broad experience with all types of non-profit activity including fundraising, membership, finances and impact monitoring. We are proud to be a trusted partner for over 100+ organisations ranging from small local charities to some of the largest non-profits in the UK.

Philanthropy is at the heart of everything we do – we have an active social mission and our goal is to establish a charitable Foundation to fund causes that will make a difference.

Introducing the role

This is a really exciting period of growth for the team at Hyphen8. We are growing both as a company, and in the services we offer. We are seeing demand in requests for projects taking an agile approach, and in 2020 we launched our Service Design consultancy to complement the other services we already offer to non-profits.

We currently have an opportunity for a Service Designer to join our team. The role includes providing service design services to non-profit organisations, coaching the wider team in agile practices and service design, and working with our sales team to continue to grow our Service Design practice.

Main Responsibilities

  • As a Service Designer you will work on a variety of service design projects with our non-profit clients. Some of these will be small focused design projects, such as helping a funder design a new application process. Others will be much larger, for example working with a non-profit, and others in the Hyphen8 team, to lead discovery work, and to design end-to-end services that meet user needs.
  • You will use a variety of tools and techniques as part of our work with clients, including active observation, journey mapping, prototyping, and usability testing. You will help non-profits to design solutions that meet the needs of their users and are in line with best practice.
  • You will also support projects in the wider Hyphen8 team where service design skills are required, for example, as a support to some of our larger implementation projects.
  • You will be comfortable taking a lead role on projects, and playing a supporting role where required.
  • As part of our work to grow the Service Design consultancy, you will be involved in calls/meetings to explain the services we offer and to promote the work of Hyphen8.
  • Where required, you will coach the Hyphen8 team in agile techniques and service design practices to build skills across the organisation.

Skills and expreience we are looking for

Agile Practices: You have experience of working in agile, including an awareness of agile tools and how to use them. You can advise colleagues on how and why agile methods are used and be able to provide a clear, open and transparent framework in which teams can deliver. You have the ability to see outside of the process.

Communication skills: You can listen to the needs of technical and business stakeholders, and interpret them in a way that is clear for both audiences. You know how to manage stakeholder expectations. You can be flexible and you are capable of proactive and reactive communication. You know how to facilitate difficult discussions within the team or with diverse external stakeholders. You are able to write up findings clearly and produce high quality documentation.

Evidence- and context-based design: You can absorb large amounts of conflicting information and use it to produce simple designs.

Experience of working within constraints: You can identify constraints and can communicate about these and work within them. You know how to challenge the validity of constraints. You can ensure standards are being met.

Facilitating decisions and risks: You can generate multiple solutions to a problem and test them. You approach prototyping as a team activity, actively soliciting prototypes and testing with others. You can establish design patterns and iterate them. You can use a variety of methods of prototyping and choose the most appropriate ones.

User focus: You know how to collaborate with user researchers and can represent users internally. You understand the difference between user needs and the desires of the user. You can champion user research to focus on all users. You can prioritise and define approaches to understand the user story, guiding others in doing so. You can offer recommendations on the best tools and methods to be used.

Non-Profit Experience: Experience in the non-profit sector would be useful but is not essential for this role.

Salary £40,000 – £50,000 dependent on experience. 

To apply, please send an email with answers to the following 3 questions and a link to your LinkedIn profile to 

  1. Why would you like to work with Hyphen8? 
  2. What would you like to be doing at Hyphen8 and why? 
  3. Tell us something fun about you 
This role is permanently based remotely, but frequent travel to client’s offices in the UK will be necessary when social distancing restrictions have been lifted.