Salesforce Release Highlights – Summer 2020

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I’m not sure if it’s just me but the last release feels like it was ages ago. Despite being postponed due to the global pandemic this release is packed with awesome enhancements. Flow builder has had an overhaul so make sure you check out the new improvements.  So grab a glass of pimms and tuck in! 

As these are just a selection of our favourites, please check out the full  Summer 2020 release notes.

Work through lists with ease using split view

Do you ever find yourself working through multiple records in a list, opening them in an new tab and then moving onto the next? With split view you can see a list view and a record side by side. To move onto the next record, select it from the split view, and the record opens with the list still in view! You can also collapse the side bar.

To get the split view, click on the “Display As” drop down menu, and select “Split View.” It will remain as split view until you change it again the “Display As” menu.

Create multi step walkthroughs for In-App training

User training is one thing that people find difficult. Trailhead revolutionised this with Trailmixes but now you can incorporate training into the application interface. You can use helpful prompts and sequences to guide users through performing tasks and navigating the system. Perfect for new starters or to guide users through a new process. Make sure you read the full release Notes for the full lowdown on In App Training. 

Dynamic Forms

Possibly one of the most exciting releases .Dynamic forms are a improvement on Salesforce Page layouts. Dynamic forms enable you to go wild with page layouts by creating sub sections and placing them anywhere on a lightning page. Combine this with visability rules to hide fields depending on other field values and you have a really powerful tool.

As always make sure that you read the full release notes for everything you need to know about Dynamic Forms

Please note: Dynamic forms are not generally available in preview so you must contact Salesforce to enable it. This also means that Salesforce do not support it in the same way as other products. 


View Records Using Full View

Lets face it, some users have found the switch from classic to lightning a bit confusing and would prefer to have a similar page layout as it appeared in classic. With “Full View” layout you can change the layout to display all details and related lists on the same page (rather than in tabs.) There are limitations to the number of fields and related lists, so make sure you check out the release notes to familiarise yourself with these. 

Trigger a Flow to perform actions after a record save

Salesforce are really working hard to enhance flow. 

You can now trigger a flow after a record is saved so you can now send an email after the record has been saved, perfect for sending an email after the changes have been made to the record. Find out more in the release notes.


Run flows that bypass user permissions

Run flows that bypass user permissions. This enables you to ignore object and field level security enabling you to elevate a users permissions as they work through a flow and actions within the flow. For example you may wish to allow a user to edit a record that doesn’t belong to them, but only when they follow the steps defined in the flow. 

Create and edit flows easier and faster

The new Flow Window and start element enables you to select a tile and create that type of flow. The change makes it so much easier to find the type of flow you are wanting to build. Alongside the new tiled screen there are new flow types, making it much easier to know what type of flow you need. 

  • Record Change Flow
  • Scheduled Flow
  • Platform Event Flow

Get some tips with your flow building

Get tips on building a great flow with the new in app help tool. It will display tips in a docked prompt. Perfect if you are new to building flows. 

To find out more, please read the flow enhancement release notes.

Salesforce Optimizer App

The original Salesforce optimiser arrived back in 2017 and was in the form of a pdf download which gave an admin an overview of the orgs health and status. The snazzy new app enables admins to review and act on the expert recommendations. Enable the app, click to run and then sit back and relax whilst Salesforce inspects your org. As always, check out the full release notes to take a deeper dive. 

Salesforce releases can be really daunting to the most experienced admin, make sure you read our favourite tips and tricks for preparing for the next release in our Release Readiness blog.

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